Spit Roast Kit

Take your used hog roasting machine to the next level with our traditional and unique spit roast kit. This excellent roasting accessory features a 240 volt motor and steady spit pole. Get ready to spit roast an entire pig or lamb with ease. This popular addition to our platinum hog roasting range provides real drama when catering any special occasion.

hogmaster spit pig and chefOur spit roast kit can be used to prepare even the largest of hogs, with a capacity of 80kgs. The user can monitor the cooking meat using the toughened glass viewing panel. When your mouth watering hog is ready to be carved, simply raise up the spit pole using the support bars and get ready to cut your meat in front of your guests eyes.

A carving tray can be placed beneath the raised pig, to catch and keep warm your carvings. This means you have time to fully carve your hog before putting together those delicious pork buns! Using this kit couldn’t be easier, it’s been produced to be really straightforward even for newbies to roasting.

Should you have any questions about this accessory or any of our other hog roasting products, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are experts in the field and happy to help at any time.