Hog Roast Machines

Buying a used hog roast machine doesn’t mean you need to miss out on features. Our used Platinum range are state of the art, just ex-hire. Designed by experts in the hog roasting industry, our new and used equipment is trusted by a variety of catering clients. The Platinum is our most advanced roaster yet – here’s why…

The Best Hog Roasting Machine On The Market

The Platinum roaster has all you need to produce great roasted pork for over a hundred people! It’s ideal for large scale special events from corporate meetings to wedding receptions. With double level cooking areas, it means you can slow-cook your meat in one section and keep your side dishes warm in another. It features dual gastronomies provide adjustable temperature to perfectly match your needs, if you need something to speed up – perhaps to provide a final crunch – just whack up the heat.

Mobility is another key feature of our Platinum machine, with pneumatic tyres and an effective steering system you can easily manoeuvre it across varied terrain.

We have four upper level cooking set to choose from: our hog roast kit, spit roasting kit, chicken spit and BBQ set (a particular favourite for those laid back summer occasions). Whichever option you choose, you’ll be buying a used hog roast machine with real versatility. Try it for yourself!